The Hunt Begins…

I have become a hunter. My prey? Employmentatis permanensis — that elusive creature commonly refered to as “the full-time job.”

That’s right folks. I’m job hunting. I spend my days working on endless versions of my resume, and checking job sites like and MediaBistro. I keep reviewing my skillset trying to create as many options for myself as possible and pursuing those I think will serve me best.

Have I mentioned that I hate job hunting?  It’s all about me trying to convince people of how great I am. For someone who hates talking about himself, the whole process is torture (although I must admit that I look pretty good on paper). 

It’s times  like these when I almost regret becoming a writer. I never planned to have a career in writing. After college I took a job writing for a trade magazine as a way to pass the time and make a few bucks while I decided what my next step would be. And that was that…My next step turned out to be another writing job…and then another….and another… 

I could have been a doctor or a lawyer. People always need someone to heal them or litigate for them. I could have been a plumber or an electrician. People always someone to light their way or unclog their toilets.   

But no, I am a writer. So here I sit working on yet another version of my resume, trying to fool potential employers into thinking I have what they need.

And so the hunt goes on…..


One thought on “The Hunt Begins…

  1. You don’t need to fool anybody into anything. You do have what they need. The job hunting thing sucks . . . we’re doing that bit together, remember? But the world needs writers too. Look around you. The written word is everywhere. You were the one who opened my eyes to that. You were the one who gave me the confidence to finally pursue my dreams, dreams that all but fell in your lap years ago (I still hate you, btw :P). I did what you say you should have done. I pursued something else. And look where I’ve ended up? In the same place you’re in, but without the professional experience. And still, somehow, I seem to have more confidence in myself than you have in yourself. Stop it! You’re good, you’re really good. And we’ll be okay. We may not have the huge fortune, but it’s better than drowning your life away in a job you hate. I am in your corner, rooting you on, just as you are for me. I am proud of you and I am confident in you. So knock off the self-deprocation already . . . why the hell do you think you that all your “next steps” turned out to be one writing job after another? You have the skills. You have the experience. Now go look in the mirror and say, “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it people like me!”

    I love you!

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