The Hunt Begins…

I have become a hunter. My prey? Employmentatis permanensis — that elusive creature commonly refered to as “the full-time job.”

That’s right folks. I’m job hunting. I spend my days working on endless versions of my resume, and checking job sites like and MediaBistro. I keep reviewing my skillset trying to create as many options for myself as possible and pursuing those I think will serve me best.

Have I mentioned that I hate job hunting?  It’s all about me trying to convince people of how great I am. For someone who hates talking about himself, the whole process is torture (although I must admit that I look pretty good on paper). 

It’s times  like these when I almost regret becoming a writer. I never planned to have a career in writing. After college I took a job writing for a trade magazine as a way to pass the time and make a few bucks while I decided what my next step would be. And that was that…My next step turned out to be another writing job…and then another….and another… 

I could have been a doctor or a lawyer. People always need someone to heal them or litigate for them. I could have been a plumber or an electrician. People always someone to light their way or unclog their toilets.   

But no, I am a writer. So here I sit working on yet another version of my resume, trying to fool potential employers into thinking I have what they need.

And so the hunt goes on…..